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Thyroid Disease eBook

thyroid disease ebook free

Thyroid Disease affects 27 million Americans. Could you be one?

This eBook goes over the most important details you need to know about Thyroid Disease including: 

Free Nutrient IV Therapy eBook

nutrient iv therapy ebook download patients medical

Are you interested in learning about what Nutrient IV Therapy is and how it can help you? 

Webinar: Balance Your Hormones - Balance Your Life with Bioidentical Hormones!

Read a Bioidentical Hormone Patient\u0026#39\u003BsSuccess Story

Learn why both women AND men can benefit from balancing their hormones for life-long wellness and vitality. Dr. Marcia A. Harris, Patients Medical's holistic gynecologist and anti-aging expert will explain the difference between synthetic and bioidentical hormones and why choosing bioidenticals might save your life. 

Watch PRK and LASIK Patient Testimonial Video


Watch actual PRK and LASIK patients treated by Dr. Liviu Saimovici. Listen to their stories. 

IV Therapy is the New "It Bag" Says the NY Post - Featuring Dr. Harris

describe the image

What's the new "It Bag" for the season? NY Post says it's the Nutrient IV Therapy bag. Click here to check out this article featuring our very own, Dr. Marcia A. Harris. Thanks also to Vanessa, one of our dear long-time patients who was brave enough to have her IV session photographed and talk to the reporters about how IV therapy works wonders for her.

Seminar Slides :Supercharge Your Brain and Ditch Anxiety and Depression for Good!


Check Dr. Vivian DeNise and Dr. Sandlin Lowe explain possible causes for anxiety and depression and why your conventional treatment plan may not be workinbg for you.

Seminar Slides: Your Thyroid: The Master Gland You May Not Even Know Exists.

View Dr. Vivian DeNise's slides from her recent seminar at the Federal Reserve Bank on Thyroid Health.

Seminar Slides: MANopause and the Aging Prostate.


Check out Dr. Kokayi's slides from his recent seminar, "MANopause and the Aging Prostate".  

Webinar: Liver Detox - Spring Cleaning for the body with Dr. DeNise & Chef Elisa


Check out our latest webinar of Dr. Vivian DeNise and healthy chef, Elisa Haggarty who explain what "Detox" is, why it's important for EVERYONE and how to make it fun and delicious.

Video: Dr. Marcia A. Harris Live Readings of "Reasons to Believe"


Dr. Marcia A. Harris reads from her new release "Reasons to Believe: Miraculous and Inspiring Stories from a Manhattan Medical Practice" at her May 15th Book Release Party at Patients Medical.

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