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What is Micro-Current Stimulation?

Micro-Current Stimulation Therapy is a new form of electric medicine used to naturally and safely stimulate the skin and muscles with subtle sub sensory levels of electric currents which in turn "cues" Mother Nature to react with cell growth, renewal and healing.  The scientists working on Micro-Current Stimulation learned that different frequencies have different effects similar to Homeopathic Medicine, which also works with subtle units of energy. Every cell of your body needs positive electricity, just like it needs Micro Nutrients. A sick cell is a nutritionally deficient cell. A fit cell is a nutritionally sound cell.

Unlike the old electric medicine of100 years ago, Micro-Current Stimulation use extremely low unites of electricity amounting to one millionth of a watt. To give you an idea of how low a dose of electricity that is, it would take one million times the units of electricity use in this therapy to light up a one watt light bulb.

This treatment  can help you with:

  • Non-Surgical Face Lifts  
  • Wrinkle removal  
  • Anti-Aging Medicine Skin Enhancement 
  • Detox of Heavy Metal Toxicity, Environmental Pollutants and Metabolic Waste 
  • Lymphatic Drainage Lymphatic Drainage
  • Pain Management 
  • Headache control
  • Body balancing Micro-Current Stimulation
  • Stress Control and the discharge of Nerve Receptor Sights
  • Behavior Modification and Positive Lifestyle Change  

A New Approach I Health and Beauty

New in America!

Do you want to enjoy healthy and beautiful body and skin and a smooth, clear complexion?

Our health and skin support system can give you these and more!

Bio-Energy Screening and Therapy

This is a unique opportunity for you to see, with your very eyes, the state and well-being of your body and skin; using our 21st century methods!

The health of our skin depends on the wellness of our body. Bio-energy screening allows the balancing of the vital nutrients key to health. We will help you find the best natural products and supplements to harmonize your well being. We will train your body cells on how to work properly as you are training your muscles in gym by using Quantum medical technology.

ORION software makes it easy to monitor the state of the body’s various systems. Each organ or pathological process can be displayed on the screen as a graph representing the information exchange between the organ tissue and its environment. In addition, ORION integrates information gathered during different sessions, enabling the healthcare practitioner to monitor any dynamic changes that may occur with time.

Evaluation of Pathology:

The system allows a healthcare practitioner to compare a particular reading to the metrics of a normal, healthy organ. After reading the frequency characteristics for a particular organ, the equipment can compare the degree of the spectrum similarity to reference data.

The ORION defines healthy organs, pathology-affected tissues, or infection agents. It then defines the closest pathological process or a tendency to develop such process.

The ORION Bioscan uses a number of various tools in evaluating and analyzing biological systems such as telemetric biofeedback, a visual rating on Flander’s scale, entropy analysis, the non linear system analysis, etc.

Compatibility of Medications:

The ORION system records the frequency fluctuations of any medicine.  Evaluating medicines together with a patient’s data, ORION can pin-point the most efficient remedy for the patient.

ORION Therapy:

Once the pathology is identified, the body can be influenced through a combination of balancing electromagnetic signals from ORION. This method can be very effective for pain management, heart and lung related problems, chronic fatigue syndrome as well as early prevention of dis-eases. The advanced model, ORION Platinum, also includes a micro-current module which covers a frequency range from 0 to 600 Hz and has 33 pre-set programs for a variety of applications such as skin rejuvenation, lymph drainage and cellulite reduction.

A New Direction in Healthcare

Using a combination of micro-current and light therapy we can provide the ultimate face rejuvenation which is best for: Bio-stimulation, blood flow enhancement, acne treatment, immunostimulation, and skin regeneration.

We can help you with:

  • Stress relief, insomnia
  • Detoxification, and cell metabolism enhancement, weight loss
  • Allergy, asthma and bronchitis
  • Pain management
  • Lymph drainage
  • Rejuvenation using acupuncture
  • Oriental face rejuvenation  massage
  • And much more!

Next Steps:

Poor health can significantly affect your life. Improve your life by changing to good health. Call our patient coordinator at 1-212-679-9667 or click on Request an Appointment to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors for evaluation and testing.

We are located at: Patients Medical PC, 800 Second Avenue, Suite 900 (Between 42nd & 43rd Street), Manhattan, NYC, New York, NY 10017.

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Article Last Updated: 08/26/2015