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Wellness Education

Knowledge means wellness. Our information-packed seminars and newsletters provide practical tools for maximum wellness.

Professional success in many fields requires and unusually hectic work schedule, leaving a person little time to think about their health. Our executive Health program is designed to make it easier for executives and other busy professionals to attend to their bodies and minds. By scheduling all routine medical testing in the course of a day, we can minimize time away from work while helping to maximize professional potential through greater health.

Nutritional Phone Consultations

Balanced nutrition is one of the cornerstones of wellness. Our nutritional experts are on hand to take your calls and help guide you as you rebalance your diet and revolutionize your health.
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Through our ongoing seminar series, you can learn directly from our experts, building a strong foundation of knowledge that will empower you in your journey toward greater health.

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Our classes offer the opportunity to learn and practice techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life to reduce stress, improve relaxation, and increase productivity.
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By subscribing to our newsletters, you can stay informed of upcoming events and enjoy weekly tips from Patients Medical on taking the most natural path to improved health and well-being.
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